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You and your Money: A Guide to Property related Taxes in Spain

Being fully prepared financially before visiting Spain will enable you to negotate with sellers in the knowledge you are in the strongest position to buy and have the ability to move quickly without putting your deposit monies at risk.

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Requirements for the purchase of real estate by foreigners


  1. To have a NIE Number

The NIE is the so-called “foreigner identification number” and must be obtained for the completion of the purchase. In order to accomplish this:

  • You can apply in person or through an authorized representative at the Government Delegation or Subdelegation and at   the Immigration Office.
  • It is possible to process this document from abroad.
  • The earnest money contract can be used to facilitate the NIE application process.


  1. To Open an Account in Spain

This is necessarry in order to meet home maintenance payments and pay those taxes necessary for the purchase of the property.

The opening of the account must be done in person.


  1. Taxes

What is known as IRNR, or Non-Resident Income Tax, is a Spanish tax levied on income earned in Spanish territory by individuals and legal entities.

You are considered a resident in Spain if you spend more than 183 days here during the calendar year. In this case, you will be taxed according to IRPF, the Income Tax paid by Spanish residents.

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Hipoteca extranjeros Hipoteca no residentes

Hipotecas para extranjeros no residentes en España

Hipoteca para españoles no residentes -



Las hipotecas para extranjeros no residentes son préstamos hipotecarios dirigidos a extranjeros que no tienen la residencia fiscal en España.

Estas hipoteca como indico son para la compra de una segunda residencia por parte de un extranjero, en consecuencia la obtención de la hipoteca funciona casi de la misma manera que para los españoles que compran una segunda residencia.

El porcentaje de compras por parte de extranjeros es del entorno de un 15% como refleja el gráfico, en consecuencia se hace imprescindible saber informarles adecuadamente y con solvencia técnica de los pasos que tienen que dar para poder realizar la compra con seguridad, además de los requisitos que exigen las entidades financieras para la concesión de la hipoteca.

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